Hello My Name is Eliza…

Part One


“Hello, My name is Eliza and I am addicted to Serial Killers”. “Hello Eliza”, said the group.  The group counselor goes over the rules as Eliza stares at the wall, deep in thought. “What am I doing here?”, thought Eliza. She understands fully her obsession is weird but can’t help to keep searching for more and more bizarre stories. What makes one tick? What makes one snap into killing someone? She doesn’t know at the moment but in time she will.

Eliza is not your typical girl. She is unknowingly beautiful and smart. She loves all thinks that make her mind race. You know, the things that make others tick, and intrigue her. If it is not a challenge, whats the point right?! I know what you are thinking, who goes to an addiction group for people who are serial killer obsessed? This girl does but not in the sense she wants to kill but to learn their behavior.

In group they are faced our obsession about serial killers and why they find the subject so mind/life altering. Eliza sat in group filled with anxiety due to the group setting. The other members of the group took turns describing how they became obsessed with serial killers. For Eliza, this was the easy part. A simple article changed her whole life. An article that was a biased option. She disagreed and took forth to exerting her view on what a serial killer is. For reference, a serial killer is a single person who kills three or more people. It is what causes one to want to kill that intrigues Eliza.


About sickhearted

Free spirited, crocheting nerd. I love all things that make me think.

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