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Well, I haven’t posted lately so here I am. First, I am miserable. My sister and I went walking on the trail from our city to the next city and well, I am crispy now. I blistered as soon as I got out of the sun. Lame, right? I still havent found sunblock that actually works on my skin, not even spf 1000 would work. Okay, that may not be true but I hurt and I am in the physically sick stage. I should know better than to even think about being in the sun longer than 5 minutes. My skin is fragile. I need a tinted bubble for summer. Sad, huh?! Anyway, there are only a few weeks of school left. I am super excited because I need a break. I am pretty happy with my progress though.



See, that’s my shoulder and it’s nasty.


Anyway, I don’t think I have blogged about my boyfriend yet. He is amazing but that’s all you get for now. ❤ 

Anyone have any remedies for sun burns besides vinegar or aloe? 


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